What I am doing Now

Right now, I am dissatisfied with where I am in life. I feel stuck. My basic needs are met, but my soul needs to explore. I’m watching my Eisenhower Box grow stagnant. I’m noticing how things I thought were high priority aren’t that big of a deal. Right Now, I am making decisions that allow me to devote my energies towards positive progress that bring me closer to achieving my goals.

I’m being the leader of my family. I’m making decisions and delegating work. I’m taking responsibility for making shit happen. I am being my own parent. I am maturing. I’m becoming a better man than I’ve ever been. I am becoming more disciplined.

What am I doing this month?

This month I’m putting what I have learned about time management to the test. My wife and I are staying up half the night, and sleeping half the day. This month I am washing bottles, changing diapers, and trying to stay on top of housework as we adjust to our newest family member.

This month I am working to balance my time between my responsibilities as a learning coach for my third grader and caring for an infant. Somewhere in there I need to find the time for housework and errands.

This month, I am reading How To Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less by Milo O. Frank. I’m learning about building a solid message to help me connect with others that can help me reach my goals.

What am I doing this year?

This year I am narrowing my focus. I have more interests and ideas than time. Deciding which ones to pursue is challenging. I’m questioning my decisions and my rationale for them. This year, I am being more productive.

This year I am prioritizing and redefining my goals. Right now in life, less is more.

This year I am identifying and eliminating distractions that are keeping me from my goals. I’m growing as a person as I learn things that will help me get closer to my goals.

Right now, my family is my number one priority.

Taking care of my family takes the majority of my time and energy. I’m always interested in hearing about opportunities where I can get involved in making positive change in the world. I want to find my place in the world and be part of the positive. I want to share information that helps others to recognize their role in being part of the positive. I want to help spread the word about the positive things that are going on in the world. I want to share the science that proves how interconnected we are with each other.

This Now Page updated November 15, 2016. I try to update this page at least once a month.

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My Now Page helps me to stay focused on my priorities. I probably spend more time on it than any other site visitors. It’s a reminder to me of where my energies should be spent. When I feel frustrated and distracted, I can pull it up on my phone to remind myself what is important to me right now.