What am I doing Now
Right now, I am missing my motorcycle shop and dreaming of riding off to South America.
Right now, I’m taking care of my family. I’m growing as a person as I learn things that will help me get closer to my goals. I’m becoming a better man than I’ve ever been. I am improving my self-discipline. I am improving my daily routines. We all get the same 1440 minutes.

What am I doing this Month
This month, I am watching the days grow longer as I get ready to plant our little urban garden. This will be our sixth year working our garden. My wife and I are building a small grow room in the basement to start our plants in. This will be our first time starting our plants inside under light. When we’re not using the space for starts to transplant outside, I plan to experiment with microgreens.
I am cooking more and we are dining out less. We have been dusting off old cookbooks and trying out new recipes. We’re eating better for it. I’m going through this cooking from scratch phase. This month, I am thinking about meal planning and making plans for future content on the carbsnob site.

What am I doing this year
This year is my fourth year as Learning Coach to my 9 year old. He is in the fourth grade and getting ready start into fifth grade math. I am also full time stay at home dad to my toddler aged son. They keep me quite busy.
This year I am prioritizing and redefining my goals. I am slowly becoming a minimalist. Right now, in life, for me, less is more. I’m cleaning out the basement and the garage. If it doesn’t bring me value right now or on one of my upcoming home projects, I’m letting go of it.
This year I am taking on some big projects around the house. We’ve got a bathroom we want to remodel, a front porch that needs some help, and hopefully, a year from now we will have a new roof as well.
This year, I hope, around all that, I manage to get my kickstand up a few times.

Opportunities and Collaborations
Taking care of my family takes the majority of my time and energy.
I’m always interested in hearing about opportunities where I can get involved in making positive change in the world. I want to find my place in the world and be part of the positive. I want to help spread the word about the positive things that are going on in the world.
This Now Page updated February 13, 2018. I try to update this page at least once a month but it doesn’t always happen. Doing it trumps talking about it.

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My Now Page helps me to stay focused on my priorities. I probably spend more time on it than any other site visitors. It’s a reminder to me of where my energies should be spent. When I feel frustrated and distracted, I can pull it up on my phone to remind myself what is important to me right now.